My Solution to the Nashville Traffic Problem

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Living in Rutherford County and working in Davidson County is the lifestyle many people choose to pursue. You get the benefit of the salary that comes with working in a big city, but none of the drawbacks. Well, none except the traffic, that is. I’m sure those of you who commute from Rutherford County into […]

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Monkeying Around

Internet Monkeh Wins Another Award (well, sort of)

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I really like Flickr, it’s awesome. I store a lot of my pictures there for friends and family (on both sides of the Atlantic) to see. I don’t have a pro account – I probably don’t use it enough for a pro-account, but I can see why they have ’em. I got one of those […]

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Monkey Business

Internet Monkeh Wins an Award

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When people ask me what I do,  I explain it like this “You know when you search for something on the Internet? I’m the guy that helps make sure you find what you’re looking for.” As part of my job as SEO Manager at Sitening, I get to contribute to the Raven blog (Raven is […]

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New Years Resolutions for the Internet Monkeh

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Attend an industry conference at least once this year Get my U.S driving license Get in shape Eat healthier Upgrade my coaching licenses Become more organised Launch a personal project Spend more quality time with the Missus That should just about do it…now it’s time to kick some arse.



My Experience with XBox Customer Service

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Late last year I bought myself an XBox 360. It’s great to be able to come home after work and be able to let off steam once in a while. Getting rid of the built up stress, tension and pressure that mounts during the work week is a great way to spend a couple of […]

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Purring Beer Mug

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Working at Sitening isn’t just about Online PR, SEO and custom Web Dev y’know, we actually do serious work too. Take our recent iPhone app for example – Purr. Created by Scott Holdren, our resident coding abacus,  Purr was released to the masses yesterday and is currently at 575 downloads in the first 24 hours. […]

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Monkey Business

Bob Parsons Top 10 Tips to Picking a Domain Name

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Take the time to spell check any domain name you select Purchase the domain first, then start making plans around it – not the other way round. Avoid deliberately choosing a mis-spelled domain name Avoid picking a .info or .us if the .com is already taken Make sure it won’t be misunderstood Avoid trademark issues […]

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Hungry Aliens Invade

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SETI aint got nuthin’ on this…

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Monkeying Around

Bonfire Night Hot Dog Recipes

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What, you came here looking for hot dog recipes? Meh, you don’t want those…How about voting for Guy Fawkes instead?

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Monkey Business

Carving a Raven Pumpkin: Sitening Style

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With Halloween just a matter of hours away it’s time to brandish your carving utensils and get to work on a pumpkin. I doubt that it will be as cool as this though:

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