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(Mini-Bar)camp Nashville Roundup

10.18.08 | Comment?

What do you get if you put geeks, nerds, marketers, seo experts and booze all under one roof? Barcamp Nashville, that’s what. An unconference that brings together the tech community of a major town and puts them all together in a mixer and forces them to socialise.

I think the concept is an ambitious one, and epitomises what needs to be done for Nashville to be taken seriously as a tech town. As has been seen at today’s Barcamp Nashville, there are a lot of extremely talented people with extremely big ideas. The fact that they are willing to share their ideas and route to success amongst their peers speaks volumes.

However, I think the problem with something like this, is that the people who really need to attend a conference like Barcamp Nashville never actually do. Partly, I believe where this is where my frustration of today’s event comes from. A lot of the presenters I had seen give a presentation before, so I wasn’t too interested in some of the talks on offer. This is not to say that they aren’t great speakers, because I have a lot of admiration for them, it’s just, well…I’ve seen it before.

On the other hand, I had to make the choice between a panel I would have liked to have seen and a couple of other things that were on at the same time, but perhaps this is just me being a whiney arsed Englishman (because moaning is a national past-time of the English). Please add me as a voice who would like to see the event spread out over multiple days – it just makes sense, maybe not logistically, but for more effective networking and presentation choices.

Oh, and one more thing before I finish, if this is Barcamp, why on earth was the bar so small? I’ve seen bigger bars in my granny’s closet.


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