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Internet Monkeh Needs PHP Developer to Work for Peanuts and Bananas (literally)

09.23.08 | Comment?

As an internet monkeh, I know where my strong points are, and it’s not in PHP. Sure, I can code a (really) basic form, but that’s as far as it goes.

With that being said, I have a personal project that has been in the works for a long time that I fully believe in (yeah yeah, like you haven’t heard that before). Unfortunately, I can’t really reveal anything about the project but I can reveal at least what I’m looking for and what the majority of the work would entail.


  • A user fills in information via a form. That information will then be published on its own page (with a search engine friendly URL). The page design/layout has already been designed (to an extent).
  • The short term of the project is just for the South. However, in the long term I would like to branch out to the entire U.S

Apart from that, my lips are sealed. If you’re remotely interested, leave a comment. Anyone leaving a snidey comment will be Googlebombed into submission. Heh, just kidding, I’ll spam you instead, I don’t have time for a Googlebomb campaign.

Oh, did I say ‘please’?

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