The Internet Monkeh

About the Internet Monkeh

I’m a proud Geordie, hailing from Newcastle, England. Aye, that’s correct – it is the place made famous by Newcastle Brown Ale and those strange people who no-one else in the British Isles can understand (so all the best with that my American friends).

I enjoy helping companies achieve greater exposure online via low-risk / high yield Internet Marketing strategies.

I have worked at:

  • Sitening
  • Raven Internet Marketing Tools
  • TopRank Online Marketing
  • Cj Advertising
  • (and one or two others)

I have spoken at:

  • Next Big Nashville

I have won the following Internet Marketing awards:

  • Internet Marketing Post of the Year (2008)

I’ve been happily married for seven and a half¬†eleven years and we share our home with assorted cats and dogs.

When I’m not spending my time at a computer, you can normally find me watching, playing or coaching soccer – I’m a fully licensed soccer coach with the USSF and the NSCAA.